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Vacation Watch

Welcome to the Butler County Sheriff Vacation Watch Request.  This service is offered to all citizens of Butler County.  Once you complete and submit the Vacation Watch Form, the information will be forwarded to Deputies for extra patrol.  The submission of this form in no way guarentees the safety and/or security of your property and Deputies will check your residence as time and call load permits.  If you have any questions regarding the Vacation Watch Request, feel free to call the Sheriff's Office.

Please give us your first and last name.
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What City is your residence located within?
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What date will you be leaving your residence?
What date will you return home?
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If you have an alarm system, what is the name of the alarm company?
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Who will be an emergency contact person with a key to the residence?
Key holders street address
What city does the key holder live in?
Residence phone number for emergency contact / key holder
Please tell us anything else we should know such as vehicles in the driveway, lights left on, dogs on the property, etc.
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